EMF Protection – The State of Play

We live in a world with an ever expanding need to use technology just to keep up with the day-to-day. Though this is self-evident, there is a growing response of ‘going-to-ground’, ‘waking up’, or finding other ways to respond to what feels like an encroachment on both traditional and conventional living.

Humans are incredible creatures, however, and though our capacity for building a world is limited by our flaws and imperfection, the capability that we have to manifest aspects of a wondrous universe is just as tangible as our capability to tear that universe down.

How does this correlate to working to protect ourselves with the current electromagnetic landscape?

Very simply, for all the innovation in the interest of finances or renown with no regard for the cost, there is an equal and opposite response of work directly in the interest of health and wellbeing at great cost to self. Though Newton’s laws were principally an observation of the well ordered physical reality we inhabit, they seemed to touch on more nuanced aspects of humanity being part of this physical reality.

There are risks both posited and proven when it comes to increasing square wave electromagnetic activity in our local environment, and it will ultimately fall to the responsibility of individuals to mitigate these effects.

So what are the risks of modern EMF activity?

The short answer is the increased propagation of square waveforms at high amplitude.

There is no such thing as a “bad frequency”; there are a finite number of frequencies that we measure between “0” and 100 when measuring with a decadal variation in waveform. All of these frequencies can be beneficial for the body when the amplitude and waveform of such frequencies are of a moderate intensity and in sinusoidal shape.

However, pulse modulated frequencies that function in a binary cause detrimental effects on the body. These are square waves, the “1”s and “0”s of digital communication that allow for an increased transmission of data in a digital format. As far as the modern world is concerned, this method of communication is vital for the continuation of existence.

As far as many individuals are concerned, the damage caused by these square waves is too much and justifies a cessation of progress in the interest of the continuation of life itself.

The good news is that there can be a middle ground which effectively buys time, in the most literal sense. We are practitioners of bioresonance; we have a lot of experience in tenderly caring for those who are severely affected by the modern state of affairs, and we are constantly expanding our reach to find the best and most effective methods to allow for individual choice when it comes to looking after ourselves.

Whilst we are not able to change the world at large, we can help you to change your home into a haven.

VIVOBASE Home – Available Now

We are working in tandem with Vivobase GmbH to offer SFERIC field generators which can be plugged into a socket in your home to provide your body EM respite from the external world. These fields help your body to negatively charge, and can help in reducing hyperactivity in your parasympathetic nervous system.

How can I protect myself from EMFs on the go?

Scalar technology is one option, with field manipulating technology which allow for detrimental fields caused by mobile devices to be positively affected. This can greatly support the body against potential effects caused by mobiles, tablets, and laptops. LTE and 5G effects are amongst the most common, and mitigating technology can be particularly useful in the modern EMF landscape.

HSC Cards – Trialling Now

We are currently trialling phone chips which simply stick onto the back of your mobile in a collaboration with HSC. We have promising initial results, and as soon as our own trials have concluded we look forward to be able to supply the UK with another line of defence.

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